Monday, 25 March 2019

Atlantis: Plato's Phantom City

Plato was a great philosopher who was really good at his trade to the extent that to this day we are still searching for the phantom city Atlantis which he alluded to in his two dialogues Timaeus and Critias which were written about 330 BC. This was a great city believed to have advanced technology just like we have now with power hungry citizens who loves to attack others just like we have now.

So the million dollar question is did Plato ever visit Atlantis?. Well no!, he heard it from his grandfather who in turn heard it from an Athenian statesman who learned it from an Egyptian priest and the priest said it happened nine thousand years ago. For those who like gossiping you will simply know that this is a creative way of saying, its a lie. According to him this city is located at the straits of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Mediterranean. However God punished them because they were now taking over the world because of their advanced technology. The Athenians repelled the attack of the Atlantians and then in a rage the gods drowned the city in one fateful night. Most have credited Zeus for having created the flood which wiped the greatest civilisation of that time.

Plato like his teacher Socrates was good at making you believe stupid things and also doing stupid things. Socrates did spend most of his time searching for someone wiser than him because allegedly an oracle had said he was the wisest. Socrates was also known for giving vivid examples in order to make you understand things better. I believe Plato was also messed up like his teacher and created this city as a way of showcasing the ideal government which he always dreamt about. This city suspiciously had a constitution similar to that outlined in Plato’s Republic. Apparently, Aristotle used to joke about how Plato had a way of creating nations out of thin air and then make them vanish. This was a really good philosopher

I have also realised that those people well versed in the art of bullshit are always discovering Atlantis over and over again so that they can sell those expensive books. I find it interesting that almost every month someone claims to have found the city and there happens to be a book at hand which you must buy in order to make the lies more palatable. I had like to know about these book writing tips which allow you to write a book in a short time. This myth of Atlantis is a goldmine for many but unless we see the ruins I think we are far off from connecting with our war thirsty friends. However since historians are always graduating in large numbers each year, I give them a pass, let them leave real history alone and chase over Plato’s phantom city.

Governments are always discovering this city in their territories. I think we have over twenty possible Atlantic sites right now. This is simply a myth gone rogue. Lets take a breath and all agree that Plato was a very good storyteller. The earlier we accept that the better off we will be and maybe we will then have more time to create awesome weapons and be wiped out in the night also.

With that being said I think we all have to applaud Plato for creating a phantom city which lasted till now. Since historians like to lie, they are now given an opportunity to package their lies and make money off them. So to us historians Plato is very important. If you support me through Patreon I will then tell you the exact location of Atlantis. Ummmm!, the eeeh!, exact GPS location.

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